I made something! With my mouth!

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Hey boys and girls. So, a friend of mine and I are big fans of the spoken word comedy podcast. And we both like to think we're pretty funny. So we decided to put our money where our mouths were. And we made a podcast!

So here it is. Keep in mind that it's rough. And we recorded it like a month ago (turns out doing a quality job on editing and shit isn't easy, and we had to rerecord a couple of things that were just unlistenable.) Also, it's kind of vulgar, and we joke some about racism. And sex. Not like I think you jokers need to be warned, but you've been warned. Also, I'm Cory, if you don't recognize my voice.


  1. Sykotix's Avatar
    You guys got a good start going. Most people try to do podcasts and run out of shit to say. I've been wanting to get into podcasting for a while now :P.

    I listen to the Joe Rogen podcast alot, and pretty much anything on the podcast network.

    If you guys started putting out more episodes, I would subscribe :P
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