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Let me see.... Moving from two different states into a third state... What the hell all has to be done?

Identify tasks based on a timeline...

I. July 10... I will be driving a rental truck with a car in tow from Georgia to some random storage pit west of Fort Worth (roughly 16 hours), and dumping everything into a storage unit so I can drop off the rental truck.

A) Rent a truck with car dolly (likely Penske, they were the cheapest a week ago when I last checked prices.)
B) Locate a storage unit along I-20 west of Ft Worth, near a truck return center.
C) Get my shit together.
D) Arrange time off from work for July 10 and the rest of the week.
E) Find a place to stash my car for 10 days.

II. July 11... Fly to California for Comic-Con

A) Buy plane ticket [done! Spirit airways from Dallas to LAX arriving 9pm]
B) Get Comic-Con tickets [done! I was in the 4th minute of the ticket spree, they were sold out within 10 minutes.]
C) Pester Statistikx about the friend whose hotel room we're supposed to be sharing
D) Look up rail tickets to/from San Diego

III. July 14-18... Work

The beauty of being a work-from-home call center rep is that I can log in from anywhere. So I'll be working from Stat's place while he's getting prepped for the move.

IV. July 18 overnight to July 19... Statistikx and I will be driving his rental truck from California to Dallas (roughly 24 hours, plus stops, driving straight through and sleeping in shifts), swinging by the storage unit to drop off his storage stuff and pick up my non-storage stuff.

A) Rent a truck (likewise, Penske was cheapest last I looked)
B) Remind Stat to get his shit together (he's actually farther along than I am on that...)

V. July 20... Sign the apartment lease agreement, get unpacked, and get utilities turned on.

A) Figure out which complex is best... It's kinda hard since we can't actually look (or rather, listen) to the place and neighbor noise can be a serious issue with working from home. Best we can do is go with a "no dogs permitted" complex and hope like hell it's not a raucous college community.
B) File online applications, pay fees. Joy... Fees.
C) Pick up some cheap 10mm cameras from the grocery store for "before" proof shots
D) Make sure Stat's black light is handy...
E) Schedule ahead for TimeWarner to come out on Sat July 20 to hook up internetz.

Busy times. I'm exhausted just making this list.

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