What Can We Learn From: Ragnarok!

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Hey everyone. This is going to be an ongoing series I thought up last night. Started working on this last night. Feed back is more then welcome. Eventually going to look into turning this into a video series as well.

So, what can we learn from older MMOs, and how they've effected our perseption of the industry and love for the games and genre today.

Today, we're gunna talk about Ragnarok! Ragnarok was a 2.5D Korean MMO that ported over to the states. The Korean launch for this game was on 8/31/2002. Created and ran by the developers Gravity. The game had such a gross mass following it spawned an animated series; Ragnarok the Animation, and after a little under a year, made its port over to the US on 6/1/2003.

During its time in the live light, the game had a ton of content updates and changes made it it. From new job classes, interactions, nerfs, buffs, new items and full content updates including new zones, PVP styles, and systems. The main International server is still being updated as on 9/22/17, a new patch was produced with new items out of a newer dungeon (the tomb of horror update 9/15/17).

Some keys things the game as done great.
1) The class system. Well, lets call it what it really is. The Job system. You start the game as an adventurer. Quickly you'll notice you have 2 different XP bars. Your character level, and the job level. Once you've hit Job lvl 10, you can change your job to any class you'd like. Wizards, warriors archer, Rogues. After you change your into your class, you get to continue onto your adventure with even more job class upgrades. I very well planned and set up system for job class development.

With all of this going on, the game was be perfect? 15 years old, tons of people still playing, constant updates, wheres the flaw? Well, there has been a couple big ones. The game has a rather large system of upgrades that can be done.

Ragnarok did a lot of things right, for being a game that came out 15 years ago, still has a massive following today. On the live servers, and a crazy number of private servers. Most of which can average around 50-1000 players on any given day. So what exactly was it that made this game stick with so many people? Yeah, thats not really the case. Remember I touched a little bit earlier about the upgrade system? It also came with a Card system. This is one of my favorite systems for upgrades, but at the same time, it causes the game to get a little crazy. There are slots in weapons for you to place your cards. These cards give special attributes to your weapons, attacks and skills. Some of these combinations are broken beyond all saving. But, they did give us the Merchant class. The Merchant is able to sell items to other plays, and upgrade items using some materials you can find while farming.

All in all, Ragnarok did teach us some wonderful things. The gigantic class system allows you to see everything a character has to offer. No one class was strongest. Every class had its place doing something. Archers/Assassins are amazing for PVP, where as Crusaders and Sages are great for PVE.
Guild VS Guild objective PVP can be incredible when done right. WoE (war of eternium) is the battle between the defending guild and attacking guild.

Personally whenever I am thinking about class balance, and character design/ class design. I think back to Ragnarok. They did an amazing job with the Job system, and kept the game fresh for years. (As well as updates roughly every 2 weeks.

I do believe Ragnarok changed the MMO genre for the better. It didnt do anything over-the-top bad that I can remember. There was a cash shop, but it didnt do a ton. I would give the game a solid 8/10. There are some broken parts of the game that can be off-putting, but they can be made up for with how fun the PVE and PVP modes are.

Thanks everyone for watching this. The video will most likly have more info and content into it, as some of it will be off the top of my head. Please feel free to send me feedback about the post and info.
Thanks all!