Renovation + Relocation = Headache

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Ryiaala and I are relocating to the big Island of Hawaii (specifically Kailua Kona) to take care of mom who is 82 years old, has survived cancer twice, is now suffering from A-fib and is all by herself. Family first is the U motto and we are fully embracing that.

In preparation for the move we've been minimizing to reduce the move costs, something we have been actively chasing since the start of the year, knowing that it would be sometime in 2017 when the move would actually happen. Well, it's happening ... August 14th. For those of you scoring at home that is a mere 8 weeks from now. The wick is officially turned up.

Delays in getting the Hawaii infrastructure set up so we could also migrate our business, combined with delays in renovating our house has had us chasing our tails since March.

Recognizing two years ago that our having to take care of mom would eventually become a genuine (and heart wrenching) mission of mercy, I began creating a mobile platform for our business. The hope was to minimize down time between source and destination. I will go into the plan's details as I add to this.

The contractors finally made it in today and, fortunately for us, he is a good friend who has been a successful builder for 35 years. So everything is being done purely at cost.

So today the plan was to do some exterior window frame repair and prep two upstairs bedrooms for painting. Which would include some rock work. Lo and behold, they had to tear an upstairs floor up because the wall between the two rooms had sagged almost 2 inches!

Upon inspection the cross braces weren't even nailed in so the floor was practically free-floating, and the original builders (First Texas Homes) laid down a thick coat of mud to hide the sag. So now they are cutting, and grinding, and chiseling, and hammering ... to fix it. None of this was in our budget.

Ever watched one of those home improvement shows where the builder goes in, and after a little demo the camera catches a "oh shit!" expression of shock on their face with a dirge starting up in the background right before breaking to commercial? Well ... we're just coming out of commercial break as I type this.

Stay tuned.