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  1. Heya Ryan,

    I sent you (I think) a Discord invite to my personal Discord account. It's the one I use for private video game grouping (including Sea of Thieves among other games) with family and friends.


  2. Hey mate,

    Hope your Christmas and New Year was great. I've missed playing with you and truly hope all is well.

    Is there anything I can do to help procure our kinship house? LOTRO's slowed down considerably since the Holidays but it would be nice if we had a guild house where players could congregate. I'd be willing to post the maintenance fees each month.

    Glad to see you back and I hope to get in some gaming with you again soon.


  3. Hey bud,

    Thought I was exiting the game and accidentally dropped Kegsniper from the guild. Ry re-invited the toon back and bumped it to kinsman, but it could use a promotion back to officer. At least it still carries the Founder title.

  4. You are now Leader of the Unrepentant kinship. Looking forward to way more of this. Cheers!
  5. Hey Chris,

    Cheers for the credit man! I don't have that car yet, so I'll definitely pick that up when I can. I'm away from my PC right now so I can't get the DL started for season 4 - might not make it in tonight. If not, will catch up on Friday. But seriously, man, cheers!

  6. Heya Ryan,

    Happy friggin' birthday mate! I tried gifting your iRacing account $15.00 for a HPD ARX-01c (I couldn't remember how much it was), but their server timed out right as the gifting process started. I just got an email from iRacing support that you should have it in your account. Please let me know whether or not you received it.

    I figured you'd eventually grab Le Mans and this is the prototype car we flew around in at Spa that you didn't have. If you already have the HPD, then you get some extra iRacing flash money to play with. If you don't already have it, then I hope you enjoy it. Either way, happy birthday.


  7. Hey bud,

    When you have a moment ... I started a car setups thread. Would be great if you could sticky it for us.

    Had a friggin blast at Indy last night.

  8. Hey bud,

    Welcome back! Hope you and yours had a blast down there.

    Got a quick question for you. Stonar informed me that only golden shower types and above can sticky threads? Are you able to? If you can, would you be so kind as to please sticky the iRacing: Links Compilation and iRacing: Driver, Car & Track Registry threads?

    If you are unable to please let me know and I'll knock on Stonar's door again. He's been super helpful in us getting our own subforum.

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