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  1. thank you, kyle. i hope all is well on your front and 2017 kicks 2016's ass....its good you had set the bar kind of low
  2. The happiest of birthdays to you, Miss Lawless! I hope you have a great day!
  3. first off i pasted the rules on as i posted them, i just have them in purple so people actually read them after being blind sided with how awesome they are. second of all....YOU ARE NOT MY SUPERVISOR!!!! there is no rule that you cant start a new one with just cant tag back on mine. <3
  4. You can't just retroactively add rules like that several days, if not a week down the line. That shit's not fair
  5. you are more awesome than when you are down to 24 health and everyone else in the party has died, and you still manage a crit big enough to beat the big ass boss you are now in the *more awesome than* the rule is...its like tag must post on someone elses wall...because it is more awesome when more people are involved
  6. you ARE magic, sir
  7. Magic
  8. every page i visit there is a post from you, at some point, wishing them a happy the fuck do you keep up on them all?
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