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  1. Renovation + Relocation = Headache

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    Ryiaala and I are relocating to the big Island of Hawaii (specifically Kailua Kona) to take care of mom who is 82 years old, has survived cancer twice, is now suffering from A-fib and is all by herself. Family first is the U motto and we are fully embracing that.

    In preparation for the move we've been minimizing to reduce the move costs, something we have been actively chasing since the start of the year, knowing that it would be sometime in 2017 when the move would actually happen.
  2. Hmmmm.... Blog.... Organizer, Task List, etc.

    Let me see.... Moving from two different states into a third state... What the hell all has to be done?

    Identify tasks based on a timeline...

    I. July 10... I will be driving a rental truck with a car in tow from Georgia to some random storage pit west of Fort Worth (roughly 16 hours), and dumping everything into a storage unit so I can drop off the rental truck.

    A) Rent a truck with car dolly (likely Penske, they were the cheapest a week ago ...

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