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  1. Dang This Human Body! And Winter Is A Total Drag Dude...

    Winter... curse you! Curse you and your life energy sucking abilities!

    Winter, especially between game releases I find is always the hardest time of year for not just our great Fleet of STO:U, but of all the guilds of the U. Darkness and cold tends to get on peoples nerves a bit more, and the game drag only aggravates that. Misunderstandings happen easily, players can even get frayed a bit.

    Making it worse has been not only my time schedule for work as of late, but ...
  2. 5000th post and the obligatory animal porn post

    Quote Originally Posted by williamsond View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by ChefBourdain View Post
    6000 should be easy peasy Dave. 5000 real posts, and 1000 posts bragging about how you got to 1000!
    You might as well pick your your next creature porn now!
  3. This Thing I'm Writing, "Chapter" 2

    Such expectations were not lost on Zachary Travis. The 36-year old revolutionary idol and detested subversive, depending on who you asked, was never one for idle thought. Now, though, idle thought was about all he was allowed. It had been a year since his capture, made possible by infiltration within the ranks of his revolutionaries. While he knew who was holding him, where was only a guess, albeit a rather educated one.

    A notable figure like himself would most likely be held in the ...
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  4. This Thing I'm Writing, "Chapter" 1

    “Are you sure about this?”

    He glanced up from the papers covering his desk, years of intelligence and data collated solely for the upcoming operation, to where she sat perched on the opposite edge, regarding him over her shoulder in much the same way he was regarding her.

    “Of course I am,” he said. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

    “It’s risky.”

    “Everything is risky. Why should this be any different?”

    As if to punctuate his words, multiple police ...
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  5. Been a while, thought I would come back with another mini-review--G/B/U- SuperNova

    So if anyone hasn't seen there has been a new MOBA making it rounds here and there with free beta access through a couple websites. Havo-cat was nice enough to mention it to me while I was on the other day, and I took a look into it. After a couple games in and feeling around with the UI/game play I wanted to drop a little bit of incite to this one.

    First off; I will go ahead and say I am no where near a pro, nor have I tested everything with the game at this point. In the future i ...

    Updated 11-26-2015 at 07:58 AM by Vettros

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