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  1. First Look: Dungeon Figher Online

    Dungeon fighter online is a free to play arcade side scroller mmorpg in the same vein as Golden Axe, Final Fight, and other games affectionately known as "Beat em Ups".

    My first impression of the game was varied classes i could choose and the way they handled gameplay. It felt like a mesh between the beat em ups and the old bulletin board text games we played ...

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  2. Election year deja vu

    by , 06-26-2012 at 09:00 AM (Conversations with an Empty Chair)
    Well, here we are. On on side we have a well-liked, but not perceived as particularly competent Commander in Chief. The opposing party has just gone through a protracted primary filled with a few memorable and MANY forgettable candidates, and ultimately settled on a predictable, boring, rich white patrician with a penchant for flip-flopping. Now both sides are slowly gathering momentum; the incumbent hopes his major election-year issue doesn't take a turn for the worse before November, while the ...

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  3. Comic Book Cut-Up ACEOs

    I made 4 collage art trading cards recently. Gonna try this out to post them. One prominently features Galactus, so at least 1 Uey should be interested! I used a copy of Secret Wars #2, a Superman issue of Action comics and 2 issues of Marvel New Universe comics.





    ---[- Spit

    p.s. the fap fap fap arm was found ...
  4. Hmmmm.... Blog.... Organizer, Task List, etc.

    Let me see.... Moving from two different states into a third state... What the hell all has to be done?

    Identify tasks based on a timeline...

    I. July 10... I will be driving a rental truck with a car in tow from Georgia to some random storage pit west of Fort Worth (roughly 16 hours), and dumping everything into a storage unit so I can drop off the rental truck.

    A) Rent a truck with car dolly (likely Penske, they were the cheapest a week ago ...

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  5. GW1 worth gettting for Hall of Monuments

    Quote Originally Posted by Net Troll View Post
    Hey there,

    My answer would be no. I'm going to qualify that, but the bottom line is that it isn't worth it for the Hall of Monuments (HoM) alone. If you're looking for background information on the world of Tyria then my answer changes to a yes. The number of hours that you're going to sink into the game to get anywhere near filling out a good portion of the HoM is very high and Arena Net has already said that the items are cosmetic in nature. Sure, you'll look pretty bad ass at the
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