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  1. LoL Tuesday Night Games

    Hello Everyone!

    I just wanted to touch base and say Hi again after my long hiatus from the U-League games.
    I caught some of you online last night and managed to get back into some games with you, and wanted to thank you for allowing me to join in them {despite sucking after all this time of only having time to play bot games} and the abuse that was dealt to me to remind me that I am NOT playing at the level that most of you are. {Sorry, I will try to catch up.}

    It ...
  2. Petraeus: Spyin' and Bonin'

    Just wanted to call the title for my Petraeus scandal novel: Petraeus: Spyin' and Bonin'

    So, none of you other butt heads better steal my title!

    Petraeus: Spyin' and Bonin'
    A military-spy-romance-bromance-failure porn masterpiece! Military jargon and a hot love scene ending in an explicitly described ejaculation sequence ON EVERY PAGE! It's 50 Shades of Gray meets 50 Shades of Green! And then it all blows up in his face at the end. Just after ejaculating.
    Tags: bonin'
  3. Blurple. Isn't it just Indigo?

    What up, you heathen boob flashers. Your boy Chef's got something on his mind.

    So, I've been seeing the word/color "Blurple" thrown around a lot here. A lot, and it concerns me. Bushido in particular seems to have a thing for it. A sickness, some may say. But I must ask--isn't "Blurple" just blue/purple, which makes it "Indigo?"

    Can we just forget this Blurple nonsense? That's right! NONSENSE!

    I make a motion to return to ...
  4. A home in the Interwebz

    I've been with the U for going on ...almost 3 years now.

    I found a rockin recruitment post on the STO forums and dropped in to take a look. I immediately filled out an application ( the first time I ever had to do that for a gaming guild) and I enjoyed it. I got to tell stories, which I like to do in real life anyways. It be accepted in after that, when some didn't get in.

    Through these few years I have been an here I have lost a job, got a job, lost ...
  5. The Lemon General - or how I learned to love the thong

    by , 09-12-2012 at 03:50 PM (Denavii's Little Shop of Horrors)
    I have Ironzerg to thank for a few really fun days of photoshop projects - so thanks for your acceptance of the Lemon General and letting me go the rounds with your new sig 28 votes from the community today and most were for the lemon General's Party thong! WOOO sexeh!

    To make me even more giddy over the successful lemon launch IZ asked for a matching avatar. As always I probably went overboard and made a few extra that he may or may not use, but I want to share anyway.
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