1. What Can We Learn From: Ragnarok!

    Hey everyone. This is going to be an ongoing series I thought up last night. Started working on this last night. Feed back is more then welcome. Eventually going to look into turning this into a video series as well.

    So, what can we learn from older MMOs, and how they've effected our perseption of the industry and love for the games and genre today.

    Today, we're gunna talk about Ragnarok! Ragnarok was a 2.5D Korean MMO that ported over to the states. The Korean launch for ...
  2. Been a while, thought I would come back with another mini-review--G/B/U- SuperNova

    So if anyone hasn't seen there has been a new MOBA making it rounds here and there with free beta access through a couple websites. Havo-cat was nice enough to mention it to me while I was on the other day, and I took a look into it. After a couple games in and feeling around with the UI/game play I wanted to drop a little bit of incite to this one.

    First off; I will go ahead and say I am no where near a pro, nor have I tested everything with the game at this point. In the future i ...

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  3. G/B/U-The Last Of Us! Careful, Spoilers!

    So let me start out by saying this was a little hard for me to give a review to. The game is great and has some really key points inside of it. Let me start out by saying SPOILERS!!!!!!!!! If you have not played this game, do not read yet, you will hate me.

    The Last of Us, by Naughty Dog studios developed for PS3.

    ZOMBIES!!! ZOMBIES....not so everywhere? I was a little thrown off by this game, but I had to play it. I am a huge zombie nut and when it comes down to it, I ...
  4. Another Review! Hand-held edition!

    Pokemon Conquest

    Welcome back everyone, it is time once again to set off on an amazing journey. Now I do have to ask you one big question... Are you a boy, or a girl? That is right everyone, lets bring this back to the classic Professor Oak's hardest question. Well, between that and the name of his grandson....(always appropriately named I'm sure) But this time it isn't us setting off on our amazing journey through the region of Kanto, Jhoto, Hoen or Unova at the ripe age ...
  5. Mmo time!

    So its been way to long since I have actually done a review on a game, and I kinda miss doing it. So, I think I'm going to stay again, just doing it here for now to see what kind of feed back I get and possibly branching back out again.

    Path of Exile

    Path of Exile (or PoE for short) isn't exactly one of the games that is easily reviewed. Mainly cause its an MMO and everyone plays games a bit ...
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