1. Pee is your demise

    I noticed that no one's posted to the Blogs section in quite a while.

    May you all half-drown in pee.
    Tags: chef's anger, pee
  2. OMG Viperjock's Little Animation

    I've been looking at it for months now, but I just now realized that in Viperjock's signature animation, Mickey Mouse has a raging boner-tent and is boning holes into the cheese to turn it into swiss cheese!

    I always thought he was poking the holes with his fingers.

    Damn, I guess I need a larger monitor!
    Tags: bonin'
  3. Petraeus: Spyin' and Bonin'

    Just wanted to call the title for my Petraeus scandal novel: Petraeus: Spyin' and Bonin'

    So, none of you other butt heads better steal my title!

    Petraeus: Spyin' and Bonin'
    A military-spy-romance-bromance-failure porn masterpiece! Military jargon and a hot love scene ending in an explicitly described ejaculation sequence ON EVERY PAGE! It's 50 Shades of Gray meets 50 Shades of Green! And then it all blows up in his face at the end. Just after ejaculating.
    Tags: bonin'
  4. Blurple. Isn't it just Indigo?

    What up, you heathen boob flashers. Your boy Chef's got something on his mind.

    So, I've been seeing the word/color "Blurple" thrown around a lot here. A lot, and it concerns me. Bushido in particular seems to have a thing for it. A sickness, some may say. But I must ask--isn't "Blurple" just blue/purple, which makes it "Indigo?"

    Can we just forget this Blurple nonsense? That's right! NONSENSE!

    I make a motion to return to ...
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