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09-09-2011, 03:29 PM
Sooooo... I have been waiting and waiting for this to come out. I had the original Moto Droid, and was ready to upgrade, but I wanted to make sure I was on 4g and I wanted to stick with Motorola.

After months of watching rumors, it finally released yesterday 9/8. So I am now the proud owner of a Droid Bionic.

I love it! In 4g coverage my speedtests are getting up to 30M/5M which is better than my "comcrap" internet which I am charge too much for. Voice quality and reception is 100 times better, and the phone itself is great. It is fast, slick and lightweight. Plus I got a cool pink case!

Anyways I thought I would share my happiness :D

09-09-2011, 03:31 PM
Nice, throw down a pic of it!!! :2thumbsup:

09-09-2011, 05:03 PM
I heard that the picture and camcorder quality was sub-par, as was the screen resolution. what is your opinion on those factors?

09-10-2011, 08:38 AM
Be careful with that 4G connection. 30Mb down is fantastic... until you do the math at how quickly you can burn you 5GB/month limit that then (depending on your plan of course) rolls to $10 per ever 1GB overage. Might be a bit of a chore to do it on a phone, but something to be aware of.

The data modems are going to get some people in a world of hurt. Remember that 2 hrs of Netflix HD move streaming uses about 3-3.5 GB. That's most of your monthly in one sitting. Ouch. :?

I have a feeling that my users are going to kill me with overages the first month I get the 4G's out to them en masse. Hell I already have people pulling down 14Gigs a month on 3G. So far the VZ has left us alone, probably due to our parent company's massive sub base with them. I'd imagine that will stop as soon as we get sold off, which looks to be moving faster and faster. We've had about five "showings" to prospecting buyer teams.

As for the phone, I've toyed with the idea of getting one. I think I'm going to wait until the first Google-driven Motorola model come out.

09-10-2011, 11:46 AM
I just got this phone myself and it is indeed fantastic. I was still using the OG Droid and to go from that to this has made me a happy camper :D

I'm grandfathered into the data plan, so I have no data cap(according to the Verizon Rep I spoke with) But if I did, you better believe I would be switching between 3G and LTE constantly.There is also a data widget showing how much data you've used and I'm already at 1.26gb.

The camcorder does have some bugs that should be addressed and hopefully fixed with a patch. For my phone, if I try to use the Panorama view and take pictures using that, it seems to fail and just bring me back to normal camera mode. Not the end of the world for me seeing as how I doubt I'm going to be using that mode on a regular basis. The quality itself isn't terrible, but not what I would call high quality. It does what it needs to do. It is just a phone camera after all. And before all the apple fanboys start going on about the iPhone, iPod ect. cameras, did you buy that just for the camera? I think not. The flash is bright as hell too, damn near blinded myself by accident.

The battery leaves something to be desired. The battery itself is big(1735mAh), but considering what it needs to power(dual core, 4.3in screen, LTE network) it doesn't last too long. After moderate usage while at work, I got home with %10 left. Not any better or worse than my OG Droid. And that was with switching between 3G and LTE. I'm going to try turning data off entirely when I'm not using the phone and see how long that lasts.

Bloatware, holy god there is a lot of it. Motorola just isn't happy unless they bombard your phone with useless shit, though a few of them can be uninstalled.

The HDMI was a nice touch, more so to the fact that you can do a clone mode. That's straight bad-ass imo. And it has laptop dock capabilities, which is nice but I don't see myself buying a $250-300 accessory.

It also has a 8 gigs onboard HD, along with the 16gig micro-sd card which is expandable to 32gigs and 4, I repeat 4 gigs of application memory. I believe it only has 756mb of rom memory though.

My major gripe with this phone is the locked bootloader. I like tinkering with my toys and with my Droid I could tinker to my hearts content and not worry about it because I had nandroid(and the sbf). They have root access on the phone already but I'm not messing with anything until it gets it's bootloader unlocked, which I doubt they're going to do. I know they're working on a bootstrap for the phone, but that's not acceptable, for me anyway.

This isn't the best phone on the market, not by a long shot, but it's one of the best Verizon has and we all know, Verizon isn't really known for having the best phones. I really like this phone and am glad I got it.

Ali, if you haven't done it already, set up Zumocast. It's an awesome program. I can now stream (almost)any media from my computer straight to my phone including MKV's.

09-12-2011, 09:41 AM
Working on uploading some phone pics :D

I heard that the picture and camcorder quality was sub-par, as was the screen resolution. what is your opinion on those factors?

What are we comparing this too? 8MP camera for a phone is fine by me. I have a Canon SLR if I am looking to take quality pics. Screen resolution is good IMO at least in the sites and videos I have run so far.

My husband was using panoramic mode fine the other day. I havent toyed much with the Camcorder tho.

Really, the camera and camcorder on the phone are nice to have around in a pinch, but if I am planning on doing home movies or pictures, I don't plan on using a phone camera. I will use the equipment I have for that.

Be careful with that 4G connection. 30Mb down is fantastic... until you do the math at how quickly you can burn you 5GB/month limit that then (depending on your plan of course) rolls to $10 per ever 1GB overage. Might be a bit of a chore to do it on a phone, but something to be aware of.

I have unlimited data grandfathered with Verizon :P I don't need to worry bout all that MUAHHAHAHA

Other than that.. we have tinkered with getting the extended battery. I don't really need it myself as I am pretty much in an area with power 24/7. But my husband could use it.

Yeah Zumocast is on my to do list. I have heard it is pretty neat.

Personally, I like the phone and have always like the dependability of motorola products. I also had the orig droid, so this is a huge upgrade. Plus I didn't want to have to give up my unlimited data plan. The only other carriers around here that really do unlimited is Sprint and TMobile. TMobile I heard slows your bandwidth, plus reception here is crap. And no one is on Sprint. Plus with Verizon, almost everyone I talk to or text is mobile to mobile, and if they are not (like home lines) the are on my 10 friends and family.

Lastly... we get 25% off on our bill, phones, and accessories with Verizon.

Oh and I am anti-Apple.... so I will NEVER go down that road... Nazi's!

Bon Fel
09-13-2011, 09:15 AM
Awesome, I've been waiting for the bionic for a while but wanted to read some reviews before jumping oonboard. Still running the original droid atm (wiped it last week as lag was becoming unbearable, made a huge diff)... and 300 is a little bit pricey for a phone imo...but I paid 200 for this so they figure they can get it!

So worth the 300 over keeping the original droid? And how did u keep the unlimited thought when I had to resign a contract for the new phone I lost it...?

09-13-2011, 09:55 AM
You can upgrade your phone without changing your plan. I made certain to tell them that I want the phone upgrade, and no plan changes. I would do it directly through the verizon store though.

We bought our original droids when they were buy one get one free, so we got 2 for 199.99 (less 25% due to our discount).

While I think 299.00 for a phone (again less 25%) is steep, we have never really bought much right out of the gate. This one time was worth it. The original droid we have we definately slow. They still worked, had good features etc... but the upgrade is well worth it.

What made it most worth it for me was the change in reception for both data and voice. Our original droids when we were in the house got no data and you were lucky if you got one bar. Any calls I took in the house frequently dropped or were choppy. This is due to our current house structure and the materials used in building. The new phone is 3g in the house with 3 bars. Calls are great quality and don't drop. This means I don't have to sit on the porch to talk to someone.