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09-22-2009, 05:01 AM
Forum name of Applicant: Wipperwill

Which game are you applying for membership in? (AoC, WAR, other): CO
Are you a member of any other guild in that game? no
Are you over 18? (you must be 18+ to apply) yes

Male or Female? M

What is the name/class/current level of the character(s) you intend to join with? Stentor@wipperwill - Might/tank

How did you find us? CO forums

Do you have friends or family in the guild? If so what is their forum name? I'm already in the guild online and I recommended a few people for membership

Tell us one thing we could do to improve our Guild Charter or Code of Conduct: Free Vodka, must have free Vodka. Surprised you don't do this.

Do you have an issue using Ventrilo? (Being able to at least listen is helpful for active participation in PvP/raids) no

Fully answer the following 5 questions:
1. What is the dumbest thing you have ever done? Does marriage count?
2. What is generally more important: the needs of an individual, or the "common good" of society? Individual, otherwise we are just mindless drones
3. What is your Zombie Plan? Mossberg and plenty of ammo
4. Tell us the story of why you will no longer drink <name of drink>. It involves a goat, a 12 pack of Bud Light and 2 underage cheerleaders. I can't go into more details due to the terms of my probation.
5. Tell us about a conflict you had with one of your coworkers/guild members. How did you resolve it? The tool in question stole loot during a raid and was kicked from the guild.

What has been your favorite class out of all the MMO's you've played? Bard, EQ1/2

Quick survey! We will totally judge you by the answers you make below:
Favorite Team: Redwings
Favorite Movie: Matrix
Favorite Book: Freehold by Michael Wilkenson
Favorite Drink: Mountain Dew / Vodka
Favorite Non MMO Game: Any of the CIV games

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09-22-2009, 07:10 AM
That as my thought as well but, considering that he's already in the guild I didn't know if it was relevant or not.

Dao Jones
09-22-2009, 08:42 AM
That as my thought as well but, considering that he's already in the guild I didn't know if it was relevant or not.
He's been in as a Deuce since launch. That doesn't mean he's a Jack. There's exactly ONE way to be a Jack, and this app isn't heading in that direction. Wendal was in the guild from day 1 as well and I still rejected his app because he was never significantly active in guild chat, and his app was terrible. (And he never followed up.)

People are going to have to realize that 250 is a hard cap, and the closer we get to it the harder I'm going to be looking at our Deuces (and even some of our Jacks). I want a guild of people who are active and friendly there as well as here. Because we have so many excellent applicants coming our way we have the luxury of being able to get extremely selective whenever we want to be.

Anyway Wip - you might want to sexy this app up quite a bit.

09-22-2009, 02:58 PM
After going through and reading accepted and rejected apps I think I'm getting the idea.

Code of conduct: Not much to say here. From what I've seen Dao and Co. enforce the rules fairly. As I see more of the group and people I'll weigh-in on any issues I see.

Vent: Got no problem using Vent. I like it when raiding or an all guildie group. I'll usually at least listen to it except when I need to concentrate heavy in game.

Dumbest thing I ever done: Usually this involves women. Hard to pick one instance but I did insult my ex-girlfriends cooking once. Notice the "ex". I'm just not big on plain noodles and tomato sauce. Now that I think on it, my mouth is what usually gets me into trouble. Mostly for being obnoxious, not mean.

I still think that the needs of the individual outweigh the needs of society but not always. I accept that people will not only act in their best interest but some will also do it at the expense of others. Those people need a whuppin.

Zombie Plan: Find an island big enough to support a couple families and wait there until all the zombies are gone. Go ashore every once in a while for supplies and zombie hunts.

Drinks: I actually don't have any that I've given up, but I don't drink that much either. When I do my mouth starts going and I get in trouble so its a good thing I'm not a big drinker.

Conflict with co-worker : I've been in the Navy for 20 years now and had plenty of conflicts. You deal with conflict all the time but people are always transferring so any conflict that can't be resolved by ignoring the person gets resolved sooner or later. If I had a problem with a guildie I would talk to them first and if that didn't work go get an officer to mediate. There's always /ignore if that dont work. I can't imagine being in this guild and having problems with the people in it. I don't think management would allow them to remain long.

Favorite class : Bard in EQ1/2. I love the speed, utility and group friendliness. I like tanking also.

I guess the one thing that sticks out for me is that this game (Champions Online) is a MMO (stating the obvious I know). I play this game precisely because there are other real people playing. To talk to people, help and be helped, share tactics and tips, laugh at them and myself, make puns and listen to crazy brit accents all make online games much more fun. I've only seen a week or two of interaction from this group but I like it.

09-22-2009, 03:12 PM
I do have to agree completely about the group aspect of MMO's being a positive plus to those in the military.

We've had (and still have) members in the EVE Online corp I am in whom are in the military, deployed, and out of the blue log in at times and chew the fat for as long as they can stay connected.

Thank you for adding to our knowledge about yourself.