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Thread: Cute little movie on Netflix called Bright...

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    Looks like its getting a sequel. Unlike the author of the above article, I enjoyed the movie and am looking forward to revisiting the universe.
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    Wow... this thread seriously took a turn on us. Like, as far as thread derailment goes, this is pretty much a chart-topping clusterf**k of epic proportions.
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    It was alright, but parts had me cringing at how ignorant of our times it was.
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    I enjoyed it quite a lot to be honest.... It's a strange mix, but somehow, it manages to make something ridiculous (lord of the rings + our society) into something interesting
    I love how most of the story was implicit and you get to play with theories and whatnot.
    Completely agree. When I first started watching it, I was expecting it to be pretty lame, but it turned out to be both interesting and entertaining.
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