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  1. 12 days sober

    12 days sober!
    I can be proud of myself.
    Miracles happened. Never believed in miracles, but the human body and spirit are amazing.

    Everything is better with sobriety. I was just watching the weather. Thunder and lightning. Rain. It is beautiful!
    Im Relaxing for now, I worked hard today. Just waiting for a big update BF1. Even that is relaxing. Not even in the slightest frustrating. When I was drinking, these things were the opposite. A download would be annoying, and ...

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  2. Renovation + Relocation = Headache

    Quote Originally Posted by GalacticKegger View Post
    Ryiaala and I are relocating to the big Island of Hawaii (specifically Kailua Kona) to take care of mom who is 82 years old, has survived cancer twice, is now suffering from A-fib and is all by herself. Family first is the U motto and we are fully embracing that.

    In preparation for the move we've been minimizing to reduce the move costs, something we have been actively chasing since the start of the year, knowing that it would be sometime in 2017 when the move would actually happen.
  3. 10 days sober

    10 days sober!
    Sobriety is the best thing that ever happened to me.
    I have yet to figure out the person I really am.
    I dont even know if im a morning person or not!
    My sponsor is made of angel hair.
    The day isnt over yet. Exciting! What could happen? I will see!
  4. 9 days sober!

    9 days sober!
    This really helps to make a blog. It reminds me emediately what I did and whats going on.
    And its nice to share.
  5. Im so tired of fighting and lying to myself and others.

    Im so tired of fighting. I gave my self to my higher power. I have let go. Only my higher power can rid me of this disease. There is no other choice. No other cure.
    I have let go of lying. I dont want it anymore. When I think something I sometimes have to consider the fact i might be lying to myself. When I start believing that lie, there is danger. Must let go. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference. ...

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