1. So many things

    So many things to share. Today was a great day. It wasnt all rainbows and butterflies, but living it is good.
    Letting feelings flow over me, taking naps. Seeing people, connecting with people. Actual human beings. So many histories and paths to recovery.
    I was at a convention that is dedicated to recovery. This was heavy in a good sense. Just being able to sit down with some one and have a conversation. Embracing sobriety. I want to hug my mother. I dont want to have resentments. I may ...
  2. 29 days later

    Got my month chip today. Il be collecting chips all week for my month of sobriety!
  3. 18 days sober

    18 days sober!

    It is suppose to be incredible. And sobriety is incredible.
    Still there is a part that really doesnt like this. And that is getting weaker and weaker. But it wil pop its ugly head up when i least expect it.
    I had a wonderfull evening meeting. Such warm nice people. We could all share. When I rode my bike home and looked for a place to park, I felt actual gratitude.
  4. 14 days sober

    14 days sober!
    Im having a great day. It started of with a struggle to get up and do something. But i knew I had to get my butt to a meeting. So I did.
    Had lunch with a steak and 2 fellows. Talk about awsum. This was surely it!

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  5. 12 days sober

    12 days sober!
    I can be proud of myself.
    Miracles happened. Never believed in miracles, but the human body and spirit are amazing.

    Everything is better with sobriety. I was just watching the weather. Thunder and lightning. Rain. It is beautiful!
    Im Relaxing for now, I worked hard today. Just waiting for a big update BF1. Even that is relaxing. Not even in the slightest frustrating. When I was drinking, these things were the opposite. A download would be annoying, and ...

    Updated 06-22-2017 at 08:45 AM by Grraver

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